We are wavyr

Our mission is to simplify the digital transition to digital for businesses and consumers. That is the reason why Wavyr was founded. This is why we exist.


Why we exist.

Digital transition

The digital transition has been influencing business and consumers. Wavyr has been founded to translate this transition into succes for ventures.

Business to Business

We know how technology and digital trends are transforming the business environment. We’ll uncover where the real value exists for your business.

Creating simplicity

The new digital era brings a broad spectrum of complexities for consumers and businesses. At Wavyr we assist companies in simplifying the digital transition.

Business to Consumer

We're simplifying the digital environment for consumers by groundbreaking user experiences based on human-centered design principles.

This is our vision.

We envision an open and connected world. A world where through sustainable connection knowledge will flourish. A world where happiness and prosperity for all of mankind is guaranteed.

Closing the Circle

We envision in which the digital transformation has created the best services for consumers. Services that are tailor-made for the customer to guarantee happiness. With a digital environment that offers opportunities for everybody.

Connected World

A connected world creates opportunities. Why? Because of the created simplicity of transferring ideas, principles and knowledge. This means everybody has the same acces to information which will enable all of mankind to create prosperity and happiness.

Our management.

Thijs Verreck

Managing Director & Founder

Wavyr was founded by Thijs Verreck in 2017. Thijs is a long time technology enthousiast who has started his technology career back in 2014. He has a demonstrated working history in the development, consulting and online marketing field. 

Next to his professional, Thijs has been studying at the TU Delft since 2016. In his studies he’s been focussing his effort on systems engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering.