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Case study | Conversational AI

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Wavyr assisted Van Haren in analysing the opportunities that Conversational AI could deliver for van Haren. In cooperation, Van Haren and Wavyr we decided that the best way to analyse the possibilities of Conversational AI technology was with the Wavyr Conversational AI workshop.

About Deichmann, the parent company of Van Haren:

“Deichmann is the market leader in the German and European shoe business. We offer a wide selection of shoes for all age groups possibly the most comprehensive selection on the market. We don’t just ensure outstanding value for the money we’re also quick to bring out the latest fashion trends. Our fashion scouts are hot on the trail of the latest trends and bring current fashion developments into our collections quickly.”
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During this workshop Van Haren and Wavyr focussed on analysing which business processes inside Van Haren were likely to be positively affected by a Conversational AI application. This meant focussing on matching different Conversational AI applications with relevant criteria. These criteria determined the succes of a conversational AI application.

Next to determining the relevant business processes it was also important to start with development of a conversational AI application. This meant applying the Wavyr Conversational Prototyping Suite. Different prototypes were made to achieve some different deliverables.

This is an example a persona that was created for a conversational AI application.


Persona development
It is of course necessary to learn how your brand sounds, talks and listens. This is essential for the development of valid conversational AI prototypes on different platforms. In order to cover this in the prototype Wavyr helped Van Haren in creating a cross application persona. A persona that translated the brand identity in it’s conversations.

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