You can bank on wavyr's chatbot.

Working hard to help customers save money is what you do, so why don't you start saving their time too? Let's not put customers on hold at the moment they need you most.

Industry leaders using conversational AI

Use automation to cash in

Customers’ expectations of 24/7 support are becoming higher, and banks that maintain no high-quality self-service risk getting left behind. Let's empower every customer with conversational AI, and give a personal touch to each conversation by introducing an automation-first strategy with Wavyr's finance chatbot.


Automated inquiries


Increase in upsell.




Wait time reduction

Take off with the instant benefits of Wavyr’s AI

Let's invest in conversations

Empower customers to self-serve with Wavyr’s on-demand conversational banking chatbot. Dramatically reduce wait times and call center inefficiency by providing a personalized experience that automates both answers and actions in the customer’s language of choice. 

Anytime, anywhere, let your customers:

✓ Find the closest branch and hours
✓ Book appointments
✓ Search for new products and services
✓ Change contact information
✓ Get updates on accounts and balances
✓ Report lost or stolen cards
✓ Generate paperless billing
✓ Sign up for online banking

Create returns with your CX

With Wavyr, your customer support teams can automate actions that drive revenue and grow customer lifetime value with timely, personalized offerings.

Effortless cross-sell and up sell promotions with proactive, personalized selling:
✓ Purchase new products
✓ Increase credit limits
✓ Promote packages  
✓ Apply for new cards, loans or mortgages 

Stop grounding your agents

Ada integrates with live chat software to escalate high-value requests to live-agents for focused support and ensures a positive conversation by providing the agent with a full transcript. 

Resolve high-churn customer scenarios:
✓ Fees, rates and additional charges
✓ Technical or access issues
✓ One chat experience
✓ Chat transcripts for live agents
✓ Unified bot and live chat UI

“Chatbot[s] offers bank customers digital engagement within the context of their articulated needs. This engagement can help bank CIOs move Personal Financial Management from a dreaded task to a revenue-generating digital financial advisory service."