Let wavyr’s utilities chatbot fuel your customer service.

Customers turn to your utility business to provide them 24/7, uninterrupted, dependable service. And they’re expecting the same when it comes to your customer service. It’s time to move away from 9-5 support. It’s time to automate with Wavyr.

Supercharge your CX

With utilities competition on the rise, customer experience has become the ultimate differentiator. Leading the charge? The quality of service -- more importantly, the quality of self-service. Lengthy hold times are unacceptable and utility providers must stop relying on archaic live support. Introduce an automation-first strategy, underpinned by Ada’s utilities chatbot.


Automated inquiries


Increase in upsell.




Wait time reduction

Power a better experience with wavyr’s AI

Energize customer service

Boost customer satisfaction by introducing Ada’s on-demand, self-service utilities chatbot as the frontline of your support. Dramatically reduce wait times by providing a personalized experience that automates both answers and actions in the customer’s language of choice. 

Anytime, anywhere, let customers manage their account:
✓ Reset account password 
✓ Change address and billing info
✓ Generate a paperless bill 
✓ Check balance, available credits, and overage
✓ Track usage and conduct meter reading
✓ Review payment schedule and late fees
✓ Contact about gas leaks, outages, etc.

Generate revenue

With Wavyr, your customer support team can actually automate actions that generate revenue and streamline customer interactions based on account information.

Offer personalized and proactive offers like:
✓ Set-up installation of isolator, meter & service
✓ Energy assessments
✓ Online account payments
✓ Smart home devices and product upgrades
✓ Protection plans and warranties
✓ Perks and rewards
✓ Lighting, heating & cooling

Avoid service 'outages'

Just because your customer base is growing, doesn’t mean your support team has to grow too. Wavyr integrates with live chat software to escalate high-value requests to agents who provide focused support, armed with a full transcript to continue the conversation on a positive note.

Handle high churn customer scenarios and deliver a complete experience:
✓ Address rebate eligibility
✓ Explain unclear charges & incorrect billing
✓ Update on disruptions or maintenance
✓ Continue conversation in same chat window 
✓ Chat transcripts between bot and customer  
✓ Unified bot and Live chat UI within the CRM